About the Teacher

Great to meet you!

I would love to introduce myself. I am Michael Kamansky. Driven by the passion for the piano and music, I am drawn to be a piano teacher in our great valley.  It is our music and arts that distinguishes us, and is so very integral to the fabric of our valley life.  As a continuing advanced piano student myself, at first it was difficult to imagine myself as a piano teacher.  Afterall it is a great responsibility.  As I have progressed in my own study it is evident that I have a skill that I can share with others, and that I am passionate about teaching.  With the shortage of piano teachers locally, offering piano lessons to our community is as much a duty as it is my passion and privilege.

Of course you would probably like to know a little more about my background.It is quite diverse and eclectic.  I played the keyboard and organ throughout my younger years but was reluctantly forced to put music on hold.  Too much time passed, and life finally allowed me to pursue the piano once more where I found a love affair with my instrument.  Training and mentorship offered by Lynette Westendorf has allowed me to achieve an advanced level in playing the piano and a deep personal interest in music theory.  You should also know that I am a beginner cello student.  This tremendously helps me as a teacher because it reminds me of the challenges while learning a new instrument.

The period of life when I was away from music is quite unique.  It truly offers a breadth and depth of life experience that helps me teach.  I have a degree in Business with an emphasis on economics and a minor in philosophy.  Professionally, I was a software engineer and then a management consultant helping companies with project management, building successful organizations, and the commercialization of and building great software products.  Personally, I have been an elite level water polo player, mountaineer and rock climber, XC biathelete, avid XC skier, fly fisher, and so much more.  While this life period took me away from piano, it has allowed me to uniquely interpret music and develop the perspective necessary to teach.

I truly look forward to serving my community and offering my life experience and piano expertise to it.  I love working with a variety of students of all ages and look forward to becoming your piano teacher.